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Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH-8 (Inverter)

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(CxRxS): DL: 290 x 870 x 214 (mm)
DN: 511 x 650 x 230 (mm)
Capacity: 1 Horses (1 Hp) - 9,000 Btu / h
Use: For room area: 12-15 m²
or volume: 36-45 m³ gas (suitable for bedrooms)
Warranty: 07 year warranty for the compressor

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Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH-8 (Inverter)
Luxury Model (suitable for bedroom, living room)
1. Inverter technology: the ability to save up to 50% energy
Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH
2. Air Filtration System nanoe-G: use of tiny particles composed of ions and radicals particles to purify the air in the room
TS9QKH Panasonic air conditioning system air filter excludes 99% of the adhesive element such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.
3. Sensor ECONAVI: reducing power consumption up to 35%
Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH ECONAVI monitoring changes the intensity of sunlight.
Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH
When detected cloudy (light intensity reduction) automatically reduces cooling capacity by increasing the temperature by 1 · C.
4. Sensor AUTOCOMFORT: bring comfort and energy saving
Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH Just press the button, the machine will determine the condition of the room and optimization mode, saving power and cooling comfort.
5. Cooling mode does not dry: humidifier in the room (will not dry nose, dry skin and dry mouth), make sleep
Air conditioner Air conditioner Panasonic Panasonic TS9QKH TS9QKH
6. super quiet operation mode:
Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH Match when she is sleeping in the room, just click the "Quiet": additional 3dB noise reduction
7. Rapid cooling mode:
- Use gas 410A: no harm to users and the environment,
- POWERFUL mode: allows to reach the set temperature is about 1.5 times faster than conventional air conditioners
Air conditioner Air conditioner Panasonic Panasonic TS9QKH TS9QKH
8. Seamless blue heatsink:
Having the ability to resist corrosion
air, rain and other agents
Panasonic air conditioning TS9QKH

  Unit Specifications

Seamless cold-TS9QKH CS-8
Outdoor CU-TS9QKH-8
Power supply V / Ph / Hz 220/1/50
Cooling Capacity Btu / h 9000
  2.64 kW
790 W Power Input
  A 3.9
Energy efficiency Btu / h.W 11.4
Hygroscopic L / h 1.6
  Pt / h 3.4
Wind flow m3 / min 10.1
  ft3 / min 355
Dimensions H x W x D
  - 290 x 870 mm Condenser x 214
  - 511 x 650 outdoor unit mm x 230
  - Condenser kg
  - Outdoor kg 21
Diameter pipes
  - Pipe Liquid mm 6:35
  - Steam pipes mm 9:52
Standard Length
  7.5 m
Differences maximum pipe length
  m 15
The maximum height difference
  m 5
Indoor Power Supply Block
R410A refrigerant load (g / m) 15
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